I have a question to ask. Spartacus has ended, no more episodes, nothing else to cover, not many more things to change, there is probably nothing else to do. I may have asked many of you this before. I have currently been working on a wiki that I made, a wiki I made to carry on Spartacus (not the show exactly but the war) after the show ended. I first would like to ask you if, if there's nothing else to cover in the show, would any of you be interested in checking out my wiki?, it's fun and creative and you could make your own characters and stories. I made this wiki last year and it would help keep the story of Spartacus alive. Or you could just use fanfiction I guess.

I have had a few people say they would join but not much activity is going on lately, but I have almost made my 1,400th page. Also, if anyone has an idea for how we can carry on this wiki, let us know.

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