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    ¡Hola! mis hermanos gladiadores.

    I'm here once again to bring a new question that for a while I'm doing.

    I do not remember where it was that I read that Spartacus was believed he belong  the style dimachaerus.

    but seek this information in other pages and can not find anything that says that it is believed that it was a dimachaerus.

    then my question is:

    the creator of the series (Steven S. DeKnight) was to whom he happened to put the chara cter of Spartacus as a Dimachaerus or is there any record of any historian who says that possibly belonged  dimachaerus-style?

    another question: What other style that you would have liked them possessing the rebel king?

    ┬íNos veremos en otro momento mis hermanos! Gracias por todo (Thanks for everything) 

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  • Valticus Altius Merius

    hello I'm a new user here and I want to bring a little doubt mine ...

    The veteran and is on its end in the series, we see him fight behind Naevia and also is seen behind a brief moment Gannicus, one might suppose that died killed by the Romans who surrounded Gannicus but ...

    when we are at the scene of the Apian Way Gannicus right opposite, there is a man who is "old" and with a resemblance to the Veteran.

    maybe this man will actually The Veteran and saw us at the end if his death? what do you think?

    (I'm from Venezuela and my English is not very good, forgive any errors in my writing) Thanks for your attention

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